I wish I was Marty McFly.

Not for the sailor’s jacket or the sweet 80s clothes. And not to have Elizabeth Shue as my partner in crime, surprisingly.

No, I want to be Marty McFly so I can go back to the late 90s and be a kid again. Trust me, I know how outrageous that sounds.

I am only 24 years old. So I shouldn’t say things like I want to go back to my childhood when most people would still consider me a child, should I?

Oh well.

For me, going back to my childhood is less about not having responsibilities and more about the parts of my life I took for granted when I was growing up. There is a growing list of different parts of my childhood which I wish I still had with me to this day.

For starters, I wish I didn’t have to be so connected to my smartphone. It has become the sun in the solar system of my attention span, the object that everything else revolves around.

During my childhood, the solar system was ever changing.

Whether it was enjoying a Crash Bandicoot game on my first Playstation with my dad or reading a Harry Potter book, my world never centered around one thing for too long. It gave me chance to focus on whatever interested me at the time; when I was done focusing on it, I would just go on to the next thing.

Going back to my childhood wouldn’t be all fun and games, though. It would give me a chance to see those in my family who have passed, especially those closest to me.

It’s not to say these family members passed in my early childhood. There is just something to a person’s childhood, a time when everyone seems to be around.

I’ll admit, I am not naive to fact that many kids grow up without a majority of their family around them. I just happened to have the luck to grow up in a big family that was around when I grew up.

When you are a child, you are meeting people for the first time or have only known them for a year or two. As you grow older, they become bigger and bigger parts of your life.

It makes it that much harder when you lose them.

Whether it was my great grandma or my grandpa, my aunt or one of a few cousins, deaths in my family were always hard, especially when they were all around so often.

So even it is a pipe dream to hope a DeLorean will appear, streaking flames down main street to pick me up and take me to my childhood, it’s worth taking some time to think about.

Even if it is just to see myself enjoy the fond memories of a childhood that gets farther and farther away each year.

Zach Collums is the editor of the Delaware County Journal. He can be reached at the Delaware County office, 918-253-4322, or at zcollums@delcojournal.com.