A Disney man is facing charges of murder and robbery with a firearm, after an incident in a Sapulpa convenience store that left two people dead on Sunday, Jan. 23. 

Heath Patrick Haney, 37, Disney, was taken into custody at approximately 7:30 a.m., Monday, Jan. 23, by Delaware County Sheriff's Sgt. Brandon Houston after he was found hiding under a porch outside of a home in the Dripping Springs area of the county.

According to Delaware County Sheriff Harlan Moore, Haney was transported to jail in Jay, where he was held most of Monday in lieu of a $5,000 bond as he awaited formal charges from both the Delaware County Sheriff's Office and the Sapulpa Police Department.

Moore said he was turned over to investigators from the SPD mid-afternoon on Monday. He is currently being held in the Creek County Jail in Sapulpa. 

Major Mike Reed with the SPD said investigators have forwarded three charges to the Creek County District Attorney's office: two counts of first degree homicide-murder and one count of first degree robbery in connection with the murders of Mohid Khandker, 46, Tulsa, the store clerk, and Robert Fields at the Gas and Shop station on South Main Street in Sapulpa.

Haney faces possible charges of in Delaware county include second degree burglary, according to Delaware County Sheriff's office records.

Sapulpa Police Chief Mike Haefner said Haney was taken into custody after Houston and Deputy Ronnie Williams received a report of a burglary in process at a rural Delaware county home.

Haefner and Moore took part in a joint press conference on Monday afternoon in Sapulpa to relate details of the case.

"Delaware county received a burglary alarm call from a homeowner who was out of town," Haefner said. "The alarm system had video access. [The homeowner] directed deputies to the location where [Haney] was."

Haefner and Moore said the security system worked over the home's wifi network. Working in tandem with the dispatcher, the homeowner was able to track Haney at the residence and tell Houston and Williams where the man was hiding.

Moore gave credit to his dispatcher, who remained calm during the situation and helped provide the information from the homeowner to the deputies.

Haefner said Haney's capture happened almost simultaneously with his department's issuance of a BOLO or Be On The Lookout search for the man.

"It wasn't until [Moore] was transporting him, that we [realized] he was indeed the person we were looking for," Haefner said. "I'm grateful to the Delaware county sheriff's office and thankful he was taken into custody without incident."

Haefner said on Monday, he had three investigators in Delaware county, working alongside members of the Delaware County Sheriff's office, to investigate Haney's presence in Dripping Springs.

About the crime

Sapulpa Police officers responded to a 911 call made before 8:25 p.m., on Sunday, Jan. 22, after a customer walked inside the Gas and Shop convenience store and found the two men on the floor. 

The victims were identified as Khandker, 46, Tulsa, the store clerk, and Fields, 40, Sapulpa, the customer. According to the arrest affidavit issued by SPD OFficer Brett Henson, the two men appeared to have been killed by a single gunshot wound to the head.

At least one 22 caliber shell casing was recovered at the scene, as well as a glove which appeared to have been dropped by the suspect, according to Henson's affidavit. 

From video footage obtained at the store, Henson's affidavit indicates it appears Haney went behind the store clerk, produced a handgun and fired one shot to the the back of the man's head.

A few moments later, Henson said, Fields walked into the store. It appears to show Haney walking towards the man and firing one shot into his face. 

During the robbery, video footage also shows Haney allegedly took cash from the register and packages of cigarettes from a display, according to Henson's report.

Investigators later used images captured from the store's surveillance system in order to determine Haney's name.

"Thanks to the media's help, and information gleaned from the public, we have received a lot of information from several different sources, identifying Haney as the person in the [surveillance] video," Haefner said. "We have identified him in various ways. I'm confident he is our suspect."

As of this time, Haefner said, investigators have not identified a motive for the incident.  

At the time of his arrest, Delaware County Sheriff's office records indicate Haney was found with two 22 caliber bullets, a prescription bottle of oxycodone, a bag of methamphetamine, three bags of marijuana, two glass pipes and a wooden pipe.

Henson's report also indicates Houston and Williams found a 22 caliber semi-automatic pistol, and 22 caliber pistol magazines that contained live 22 caliber rounds within Haney's possession at the time of his arrest.

Henson's report indicates at least one of those 22 caliber rounds were the same type that was recovered during the robbery in Sapulpa.

Persons with information about Haney are encouraged to contact either the Delaware County Sheriff's Office at 918-786-4531 or contact the Sapulpa Police Department at 918-224-3862.