Hope everyone is enjoying a great start to 2017.

As the temperatures around Grand Lake are cold the fishing is heating up.

Lake levels are 742.11 with water temperatures 45.5 to 42.7. Water clarity is good to fair lake wide with lake level staying steady.

Catfishing is in full swing on the winter time bite as you can find them in 35 to 60 feet of water.

We are using the Team Catfish Super J Hooks with fresh cut shad with great success. Shad can be found in 25-35 ft river channels or deep wind blown coves. If the bite soft don't be afraid to cut your bait shorter as this will help.

Crappie are better around the lake in 20 to 30ft of water in docks and brush piles. We are starting to see them in brush piles up the rivers. 2 1/2-inch Electric Blue Crappie Kicker is one of our favorites.

Spoonbill have scattered around the lake due to the lack of water inflow and the large amounts of shad in the river channels from Sailboat Bridge to Three Fingers Cove. This will get better as winter continues.

Whitebass fishing is warming up as they are still feeding in the back of down lake wind blow deep coves. We have located a few schools up the rivers as this will also continue to better in time.

If you are out on the lake this time of year keep your eyes out for Bald Eagles as the are all around the shores of Grand Lake.

Stop by The Grand Lake Sports Center for your fishing needs as they carry great products we use on our boat daily.

For more information about Reel Time Adventures persons interested may contact Keith at 417-456-2908 or Vaughn at 620-515-3057.