Augustus Holland and Courtney May, Oklahoma State University extension ag instructors in Delaware and Ottawa counties, are looking for anyone interested in participating in an OSU Master Cattleman class.

The class, first introduced in 2004, is designed to enhance the profitability of beef operations and the quality of life of beef cattle producers by equipping them with information on all aspects of beef production, business planning, risk management and marketing.

Holland said the Master Cattleman program includes an educational curriculum based on the Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual and a producer certification process. This class supplies more than 28 hours of instruction.

If enough interest is expressed, the class will begin in November 2017. It will cost $125 for materials and gate sign. Couples or business partners have to option of only paying $125, but will only receive one manual and one gate sign.

For more information, persons interested may contact Holland at 918-253-4332 or or May at 918-542-1688 or Persons interested are asked to include what time of day works best for them, as well as what day of the week and how often they are interested in attending class.