Leads are proving difficult find to help authorities locate Christopher "Critter Jones" Teel, 33, of Jay.

Teel was last seen in the evening hours of Monday, Jan. 2, near the apartments by the Jay City Park. 

“We have tried to run down a couple of leads, but it wasn’t good information,” explained Jay Police Chief Mike Shambaugh. “We thought we had him identified a few times but it wasn’t him.”

Amy Teel, Teel's aunt, said her nephew was visiting another aunt, Kim Lashbrook, when he entered a car at the apartments.

Amy Teel said Lashbrook didn’t know he missing until the next day when she was getting ready for work.

“For him to be gone like this, it is completely out of character,” Amy Teel said. “In the past he might have been gone for a day, maybe two days, but we always knew where he was.

"He left with just the clothes on his back. He didn’t take his coat or his hat and those are two things that if he knew he was going to be gone for any period of time, he would have taken them. It was cold. He has not contacted anybody.”

Teel was last seen by a witness getting into a dark four-door car around 11 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 2, in the parking lot of apartments near Jay City Park, Shambaugh said.

Amy Teel said her nephew had returned from prison on Dec. 19, and was having a tough time readjusting.

“It is hard being out where you have to make your own choices,” Amy Teel said. “I’m sure it caused him anxiety just to be around all the family.

"It was difficult to get back into the swing of things. He didn’t have a period of time to soak it all in that he was home and that he was able to spend time with his daughter.”

Amy Teel said her nephew’s 9-year-old daughter is one of the reasons she is worried about her nephew. 

“This is not something he would do,” Amy Teel said. “It has us scared and worried. He definitely wouldn’t do this to his daughter.”

Teel was last seen wearing a black long sleeve shirt with jeans as well as black Nike tennis shoes.

Persons with information on Teel’s whereabouts are asked to contact the Jay Police Department at 918-253-4277.