The new year started on a healthy note on Sunday.

More than 30 people - adults, children and dogs included - made the drive to Natural Falls State Park for the annual First Day Hike. The program, led by America's State Parks, is an initiative organized in all 50 states to bring Americans outdoors.

Tracey Robertson, park manager and park ranger at Natural Falls, has worked at the park since 2012 and led Sunday's hike.

"It gets people out of the house on the first day of the year, starting the first day of the year being healthy and active," Robertson said. "It also brings them out to enjoy the state parks."

This isn't the first of the First Day hikes that Robertson has led though. Four years ago, Robertson led the first of the hikes at the park.

Robertson said the hikes like the one Sunday are a big part of what state parks are tasked with doing.

"That is one of our roles," Robertson said. "Sometimes people don't look at state parks like that. Our main focus is keeping people healthy."

Robertson said state parks in Oklahoma have other healthy initiatives as well, coordinating with the state's Department of Health, for visitors as well as employees.

"We had a Walktober marathon where all the employees at the state parks logged in hours and how many miles they walked," Robertson said.

Another initiative is passport books provided to fourth grade students in all public schools and most private schools. The passports helps bring those kids out to the state park, where each park will provide a stamp for the passport, according to Robertson.

Robertson said after a certain number of stamps are collected, the student receives certain medallions based on how many stamps a student has received.

Nicole Rodriguez, one of the hikers on Sunday, brought several members of her family to Natural Falls.

"It is a good healthy way to start the year," Rodriguez said. "We like to get our family out in nature on a nice day."

Harold Post, another of Sunday's hikers, said his family was coming out to the event for a second time.

"It has become a family tradition," Post said. " There are eight of us here and it is nice to spend the day together."

Janice Post, Harold's wife, said she also has liked both hikes she has been apart of.

"It's getting out and doing something different instead of staying at home in front of the TV," Janice Post said. "It really is a great way to start of the new year."

Luckily for hikers this year, the weather was good for hiking. Robertson said last year's hike dealt with some inclement weather.

The weather kept Robertson from leading the hike.

"Last year we had all of the flooding," Robertson said. "All of the roads were flooded going from where I live to the park."

As hikers readied for the 2017 First Day hike, Robertson took the time to speak with all who were going to participate.

Robertson said to those in attendance that with the current state budget crisis, programs like the hike might not be around next year at other parks.

"There are going to be some parks closed on July 1," Robertson said. "If these state parks are important to you, then make sure to call your legislators."