Members of the Grove City Council will vote this week to determine if action is taken on two residences with dilapidated structures.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 20, at the Grove Community Center, Room 5.

The dilapidated structures are located at 1227 Red Bud Lane and 1654 Charles Street.

The council held a public hearing in October about the two out building structures on Red Bud Lane and approved a final administrative order requiring Joan Griffin to remove two outbuildings before Dec. 19.

The council will file a lien for expenses in removing the structures on the property plus an additional $225 administrative fee if approved, city records show.

In September, the council approved to give Dorothy Hinkle, owner of the residence on Charles Street, 30 days to obtain a permit and 60 days to remove the structure.

The council will vote whether to give her until Jan. 17. By that date, house is expected to be deeded over to her grandson, who will remove the structure, according to city records.

Also on the agenda is a resolution allowing City Manager Bill Keefer to seek reimbursement from the Oklahoma Quality Incentive Act for the Bassmaster Open Fishing Tournament set for Oct. 5 through 7 at Wolf Creek Park.

The Oklahoma Quality Incentive Act reimburses communities for some of their expenses in attracting national and international events.

Around 372 anglers and staff are expected for the tournament, city documents show.

The council will also vote on appointments to Board of Adjustments.

Steve Ward and Ben Hampton, who are on the city’s Planning and Zoning Board, are expected to fill those positions. Ward is expected to be appointed to a three-year term, which expires in Oct. 2019, and Hampton is expected to be appointed to a term which expires in Oct. 2017.

Council members will also vote whether to approve accepting the 2015-16 city audit.