Join Miss Grand Lake Bailey Chambers as she takes part in this week's Miss Oklahoma competition.

Chambers will blog via text updates about her experiences. Think of this as a way to see behind the "crown" as events unfold in Tulsa leading to next week's crowning of the new Miss Oklahoma.

Update - 7 a.m. - 06.07

Last night of preliminary competitions! So thankful for all of my friends and family's support!

Update 7 a.m. - 06.06

Yesterday was great! We got a break to rest and relax :) I did swimsuit last night and worked it! Today we get to have lunch with our Oklahoma Stars, then we get to rest for a little. We will have dinner at Charleston's. For the last night of competition I'llbe doing my talent! I'm singing Roxie from "Chicago" :)

Update 11 p.m. - 06.04

Interview was fantastic, I really showed them who I was :)

Tonight I had on-stage question and evening gown! I tried my best to rock it on stage. I loved my dress and felt like a princess! Everyone looked beautiful!

For my my on stage question...

They asked me "With my platform raising awareness for childhood cancer how do I convince civic groups, organizations, and businesses to donate money?"

"It's simply the facts. Today 46 children have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and its devastating. So by sharing the statistics people are more apt to give!"

Update: 10:45 p.m. - 06.03

My favorite moment/memory so far has been hearing Lauren Nelson- Miss America 2007 sing at the church service. She put the whole week into perspective through her prayer and song.

Update: 10:30 p.m. - 06.03

Today was a long day, but super fun! We finished all of our dance numbers.

Tomorrow I have my interview! I'm so excited to meet the judges. Ill be studying up tonight and getting lots of rest. I hope everyone will send lots of prayers and positive thoughts sometime around late morning!!

Then I get to have lunch with one of my directors.

Then, more rehearsals of course! I get to practice with my stars, Morgan and Leslie, who will walk on stage with me tomorrow night during evening gown. That's one of my favorite phases of competition!

Hoping for a great day :)

Update: 7:45 a.m. - 06.03

Off to rehearsals! Can't wait for Kiwanis luncheon! They do so much for the Miss Oklahoma pageant, all of the girls could not be more appreciative!

Update: 10 p.m. - 06.02

(Reflecting on a full Sunday, which included a special worship service.)

Worship was the best! It's my favorite part of the whole week :)

I am so ready for tomorrow! We have a great luncheon tomorrow with the Kiwanis and lots more of rehearsals!

Update: 5 p.m. - 06.01

Just got back from rehearsals! Learned tons of new choreography for the production. Now it's time for dinner :)

Update: 9 a.m. - 06.01

Just wanted to let you know we are on our way to move in to the ORU dorms! Today is the kick off for the week! Following move in we have rehearsals all day, and then our big masquerade red carpet party. So excited!!