If you were one of the lucky people who saw members of The Off Broadway Troupers in the recent successful play, “The Orphan Train,” then you saw the results of The Playmakers after-school program and its development of students’ acting skills over the years.

This after-school program of Grove’s award-winning youth theatre program kicks off the fall semester with more opportunities for students who want to develop theatrical skills, especially design and technical skills. On Tuesday, August 23, 4:00 pm, at the Off Broadway Troupers headquarters, 311 S. Grand, parents may enroll their children and receive an orientation to the program. Then the students will begin a process of learning the basics of set, costume and lighting design, the operating of theatre lighting and sound, make-up and properties, and directing, playwriting, and theatre management.

The general information provided at the entry level will help students explore these aspects of theatre and learn the tools needed to get started. Then, in the advanced and master levels of the program, tutorials will be provided in specialized areas chosen by the students. This exciting program is for students in 2nd- 12th grades.

A special grant from the Grove Rotary Club will support local and state teaching artists for the beginning and/or advanced levels of the apprenticeship program.

Acting skills will not take a backseat, but will continue to be developed through special workshops throughout the school year. Information on the dates of these workshops will be available at the orientation and enrollment on August 23.

The Off Broadway Troupers is an organization of students who have participated in at least one workshop or production. They get to participate in activities that augment their training. Last May students and their families received discounted tickets to see the touring production of “Cats” at Tulsa’s Performing Arts Center. More of these opportunities are in the works. Movie nights are scheduled for the members so they can have fun learning the legacy of American theatre. There are opportunities to learn and perform Improvisation and a Youth Readers’ Theatre is in the plans. And, they will be invited to attend Master Classes with well-known actors and designers supported by a grant from the Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation.

For enrollment information, email The Playmakers at 1groveplaymakers@sbcglobal.net, leave a message at 918-786-8950, or call the Youth Theatre Coordinator, Sandy McCabe at 918-786-6570.