At your State Capitol we spend millions of your tax dollars on social programs such as Medicaid, Temporary Aid to Needy Families, etc.  We also spend an obscene amount of your dollars on prisons, drug courts, and other programs related to drug and criminal activities.

 After completing two terms in the legislature I am now firmly convinced that the best social program is spelled J-O-B.  If we had more jobs in Oklahoma to put all of our citizens to work we would not have to spend so much money on social programs.

 A job gives a person a sense of self worth, enabling them to be productive.  A job gives one a reason to wake up each morning and look forward to completing the task of their job.

Jobs enable citizens to support their families without state assistance.  Working Oklahomans pay taxes that enable your government to provide better infrastructure such as roads and bridges, water and sewer plants.  The less money we have to spend on social programs the better we can provide for our educational system.

As your State Representative I am supportive of legislation that makes our state more attractive to industries that will create employment.  We are in competition with the other 49 states and foreign countries to attract these jobs.  It takes a coordinated effort of the Legislature, the Governor, the Department of Commerce, and local communities to put together an attractive recruitment package to present to companies.  We have to have  an educated, healthy workforce ready and willing to fill job openings as part of the recruitment packet.

Oklahoma fact—there are 101 State Representatives and 48 State Senators.  I appreciate the opportunity to serve.