Joel Mayes was here Wednesday and stated that crude oil was struck on his farm last Tuesday at a depth of 34 feet. Messrs. Geo. Cole, Ed Harris and Bill Snelson were drilling a well in search of water when the oil was discovered, it being in large enough quantity to spoil the water so another well is being drilled. A sample of the oil is on exhibition at the Bank of Grove. Some company could get oil in paying quantities there by going deep enough we believe. Joel’s farm is located 3 miles east.


Governor John A. Johnson of Minnesota; died Tuesday morning at a hospital in Rochester as a result of an operation. He was one of the greatest democrats in the United States having been elected Governor of Minnesota three times and was a candidate for the democratic nomination for President in 1908. His last words were: “Well, Nora, I guess I’m going. We have made a brave fright.” He was speaking to his wife, she being the only person that his last words were spoken to. Great and good was this man.

Grove Postoffice Will Be Third Class Oct. 1.

Postmaster W.J. Forbes is wearing an extra broad smile. Probably its because the postal department has notified him that the Postoffice here is to be changed from a fourth to a third class office Oct. 1. This change means a change in salary too; $1,200 a year instead of as now, on the cancellation basis. This change indicates that “Uncle Sam’s” business is picking up. Now we believe, honestly that our Postmaster is entitled to all the smiles he can wear.

Preacher Thrashes ‘Bad Man At Meeting’

Rev. E.C. Wallace, M.E. Pastor of this place was holding a meeting at Needmore Wednesday night, while preaching a sermon; Rev. Wallace was interrupted by the presence of two drunks who attempted to stop the meeting. Rev. Wallace had not forgot how to use his fists, and proceeded to knock one of the disturbers right and left, giving him a good pounding. Probably the other one would have been licked too, had he not left the scene. Deputy Marshall Ballard and Constable Merrill went to the scene Wednesday night to place the young men under arrest but failed to locate them. It is thought they can be apprehended soon. We commend Rev. Wallace for the steps he took in this matter. If more preachers would use their fists more than they do on “young bullies” who start “rough housesing” there would be less of it going on.

Mules Stolen At Vinita

Word was received by the officers this morning that two miles had been stolen from Hon Vangriff at his feed yard in Vinita Wednesday night. The thief has not been apprehended at press time.

Making Good

Bert Lamons, lineman for The Grove Telephone Co., informs the Sun that they have installed phones for the following the past two weeks: H.B. Worrell; Clinton Yocum, John Parker, Will Clark, Thos. P. Canfee,    

       Frank Woods; the News Office.

Pop Bottle Bursts; Wrist Severely Cut

While filling pop bottles at the Grove Bottling Works Monday, a defective bottle flew to pieces, the slivers striking C.F. Lucas on the wrist and cutting him severely. As a result of the injury, Charley is carrying a bandaged wrist and is not working but the wound is healing slowly.

Struck Jack

It was reported Wednesday that while parties were drilling a well on the T.T. Rogers farm north of Dodge, a good sized vein of pure rosin Jack was penetrated twenty-one feet from the top. The Sun believes that Jack and lead abound here in paying quantities but we think that prospectors will have to go down far in the bowels of mother earth to find it in paying quantities.

A New Face

Last Sunday, in the early morning, W.A. Romans gave his neighbors the benefit of a splendid elocutionary exercise with all the modern tone and gesture. “Hush! be still as any mouse, there’s a baby in the house.’ (and here Bill gave a double trill) just what we wanted, a little girl. A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure. Most truthfully has the poet said: “They are idols of hearts and of household; they are angels of God in disguise.”

A New Arrival

If you desire to witness a scene of domestic bliss just step into the home of W.E. Long. It takes the ordinary man some time to adapt himself to circumstances but not so with Will. On Saturday Set. 18, he ordered his overalls washed, starched and ironed and placed in the bureau drawer; his duties at Doherty’s store polished and hung up on the wall; he then donned his “go to meetin’ clothes” and now occupies the best easy chair in the parlor where he may be found any hour of the day or night holding in his parental arms eight pounds of unsullied bliss and if you approach the home softly you will hear him singing “hush my daughter, lie still and slumber,” Surely this is a picture for the angels to gaze on. All are well.

Attorney L.N. Stivers of Muscogee, but originally of Kentucky, was in the city Tuesday, he accompanied S.C. Platt, being pleasant callers. He will probably locate here. The Sun extends a hearty welcome.

Will Charley Creager, Dick Morgan and Birdie McGuire please explain to the people of the district they represent why they voted for a duty on lumber?

There is no telling how large a town Grove will make if the citizens will stand together and pull for everything good that comes along. Are you doing your part?

The Republican state committee claims to be alarmed about how the state’s surplus is handled. When the Republicans were in charge of the territory any old person could have handled the surplus that being if there had been any surplus to handle – Guthrie Leader.

Mr. Craig of St. Louis, was registered at Hotel Hazel last week.