A popular entitled the Truth Project has church congregations buzzing and members discussing important issues.

The Truth Project, a product of Focus on the Family,† is designed for the ďbody of ChristĒ to learn from Godís word to discern the difference from biblical worldview based upon Godís truth, and a worldview based upon surveys, public opinion, or something else. It can be shown in the Bible where God has spoken in all directions of our lives as shown in the above compass.

† While several churches in Grove have already started the project, the most recent launch has been at the Grove Christian Center who started the series on Wednesday. The study starts at 7 p.m. each week. To start a study in your own church† go to www.truthproject.org for more information if you want to participate in the study.

Grove United Methodist Church is currently teaching the study and will be in itís 3rd week Sunday evening.

The Truth Project is a 13 week study consisting of 12 tours (lessons). The following is an overview.

1. Veritology: What is Truth? Why did Jesus come into the world? The cosmic battle is Truth/Reality vs Lie/Illusion.

Every sin that besets us can be traced back to a lie, or the belief in a lie.

2. Lesson 2 - Philosophy and Ethics: Says Who? God gave us the answers to the universal questions of life. Are

you trapped in the belief of a ďcosmic cubeĒ where the cosmos is all that is, ever was, or ever will be?

3. Lesson 3 - Anthropology: Who is Man? What is evil? What is the pernicious lie? Is man basically good, or does

he have a sinful nature?

4. Lesson 4 - Theology: Who is God? Why is the character and word of God under attack today? What was the

Jesus seminar?

5. Lesson 5 - Science: What is True? The heavens declare the glory of God. Does Darwinís theory match reality?

What about the fossil records, the finches, DNA, blood clotting, and more?

6. Lesson 6 - History: Whose Story? Historical revisionism, and he who controls the past controls the future.

7. Lesson 7 - Sociology: The Divine Imprint: Applying the concept of the triune of God to the family and church.

8. Lesson 8 - Unio Mystica: Am I Alone? Besides eternal life, knowing Jesus gives us the Spirit of Truth (Holy Spirit)

indwelling within us.

9. Lesson 9 - The State: Whose Law? Is the state sovereign over family, church, God & man, labor, and community?

Is it OK for the state to steal? What is the result of a state that grows too big?

10. Lesson 10 Ė The American Experiment: Stepping Stones: Our founding fathers werenít perfect. What was

their religion, how do morals fit into the picture, what is the foundation of our country? The pilgrimís mission?

11. Lesson 11 - Labor: Created to Create: Godís economic principles. Godís word on working.

12. Lesson 12 - Community & Involvement: God Cares, Do I? Jesusí two commandments.