With the cold weather fast approaching, the Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake partnered with Mr. Ron White, Instructor at the Northeast Technology Center, Afton, Oklahoma, and his students to assemble dog houses to protect the animals living at the shelter from the winter elements.  The Humane Society researched what type of dog houses would be easy to clean and insulate, practically indestructible for longer life, and affordable.

The Board found the K-9 Kondo kits. The Kondos are made by using a 55 gallon barrel and installing a stainless steel door and stainless steel legs. The students assembled twenty K-9 Kondos.  Hay inside keeps the pooches warm and dry during the worst winter weather.  Best of all, the dogs love them!

The Humane Society could use a lot more Kondos to replace the remaining old dog houses that provide inadequate protection. The communities of Grand Lake could help the Humane Society and the NETC students build more Kondos by mailing your tax deductible donation marked as “K-9 Kondo Fund” to the Humane Society at their mailing address:  P.O. Box 451205, Grove, OK  74345-1205.

The Humane Society extends their gratitude to Ron White and his NETC students for assembling these dog houses.  They look forward to partnership with them on more upcoming projects.

Please visit the Humane Society website at humanesocietyofgrove.com for upcoming events and to view their “Pet List” of animals available for adoption.