Christina Cummo

Grove Sun Intern

As May Dean Erb Stood dressed in a black Japanese kimono lined with red, she told rhythmic stories using origami folds, as the crowd of over 50 children copied her every fold.

Erb, of Vian, visited the Grove library last Thursday, where she fi lled the room with flying paper penguins, treasure boxes, laughter and smiles. Erb picked up the love for origami while she taught in Japan. She has taught grade school and has learned the Japanese lifestyles. She has spent a few months as a teacher in Japan.

Origami was originally invented in China, but the Japanese culture adapted it and made it into their own. Origami is the art of folding pieces of paper into three dimensional objects.

“My kids love this sort of stuff!” said Bianca Snell Snell's two elementary age daughters, Ariana 9 and Mackenzie 6, beamed as they showed their father, Ashley Snell, the boxes and penguins they had made. “We try to make every event we can.” Snell said of the library’s summer program. The group of children and their parents learned of the Japanese lifestyle, mannerisms and bowing techniques. They also learned a few words in the Japanese language.

“Finding a love is easy, but fi nding a passion is a different story,” Erb explained. “My passion is teaching, no matter whatever I do in life it always leads me back to teaching.”

Erb encourages anyone of any age to learn origami. Besides the art and beauty in origami, individuals can develop better mathematical skills, she said. “The practical lessons of being precise is also helpful for individuals that experience

dementia,” Erb said.

The next Grove Library event is on July13, at 11 a.m., with ventriloquist Dennis Lee.