Cherokee Yacht Club in Ketchum, Okla. was the setting for its annual Change of Watch on November 6. Sixty-two squadron members attended to celebrate the change in leadership. Current Squadron Commander, D/Lt/C Jim Sweeten, N handed over the position to Marcia Pett, P. Marcia will be the eleventh installed Commander since the Squadron’s inception.

Officiating over the proceedings was District 31 Commander, Larry Stout, AP. The following bridge officers were installed: Commander, Marcia Pett, P; Executive Officer, Bob Hunt, JN; Administrative Officer, D/LtC Susie Holden, S; Squaron Educational Officer: D/Lt/C Jim Sweeten, SN; Assistant Educational Officer, David Sloan, AP; Secretary, Janet Sloan, P and Treasurer, Roger Endo, S. Also being installed were seven Executive Committee Members: D/Lt/C Jim Sweeten, N; D/Lt/C Carol Chulpunik, S; James McNabb, S; Richard Pett, P; Dennis Rice, Al Scarriot, S; Chick Wheat, S.

Outgoing Commander Sweeten gave a “Year in Review” presentation of the Squadron’s accomplishments with the assistance of Past District Commander Bill Miller, P. The photo slide-show presentation included the civic, educational and social activities of the Squadron over the past year. Seven of the ten past Commanders were in attendance and were recognized. Sweeten also presented tokens of appreciation to over twenty-five committee chairs and officers who served with him.

Many awards were awarded to the Squadron including the coveted Prince Henry the Navigation Award for the squadron’s Educational Achievement and it was recognized once again nationally for their Outstanding Publications and Scrapbook which ranked first in national competition. Commander Sweeten was awarded an Educational Proficiency Award for completing coursework . Senior Membership designations for five years of outstanding efforts were awarded to: Connie Spicer, S; Sandi Stone, S and Jim Reynolds, S.

The GLSPS is one of over 450 squadrons nationwide that comprise the United States Power Squadron (USPS) the largest, non- profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable. Founded in 1914 with over 40,000 members organized into 33 regional districts across the US as well as Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Japan. Their goal is promote safe boating by offering educational opportunities, providing civic service and enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of fellow members. For information on boating education as well as membership call Marcia Pet at 918-787-6103 or