Christina Cummo

Grove Sun Intern

Grove -  Quilts awed vierwers, as the walked among extravagant handiworks of an era forgotten. Most of the entrys in to this past weekends show are part of the Grand Lake Quilter’s Guild, and displayed at this years is their 34th Bi-Anual quilting show.

This year, some winners surprised themselves, “This is my first year in the quilters guild, I never expected to win!” Esther Henderson glowed as she stood next to her baby quilt. Henderson is fairly new to the quilting world, now that her family is grown, she in now able to dabble in a new found hobby. Each quilt was unique and specially designed proving great creative talent. “This winter I was cooped in so much I had to do something with my time.” Ginger Hopkins laughed as she posed next to her quilt “The Bear Family Album.” The pattern is filled with whimsical bears doing different occupations with matching names. Over 200 people attended the Bi-Annual Quilt Show this past weekend.Each year the guild tries to give back to the local community with the funds that they raise, by giving them to organizations such as the Christian Help Center here in Grove Okla., said Cathy King a guild member. Another program the guild tries to promote is the “ConKerr Cancer, a case for smiles” program.

This program makes beautiful pillowcases for children that spend a lot of time in the hospital realm. The past two years participants of this program met the demands for over ten thousand pillowcases to be given to children in the state of Oklahoma. “We just knew the need and we filled it,” Glo Reherman, state coordinator as she spoke about the Conkerr Cancer program who is also a local Grand Lake resident. The program takes a lot of time, but it’s so worth it, she said.

The Grand Lake Quilter’s Guild is no exception to creative talent, each one of over fifty quilts are placed in different classes to be judged. Each of the quilts stand out from each other, some that are put together like jig-saw puzzles, others perfectly hand-stitched and just a few made just for fun. The Guild has established it’s self for education of quilting, personal interests and to stimulate the art of quilting.

The Quilt show had vendors as well, the rows of fabric and tricks of the trade were on display in every corner of the building. Excited quilters picked pieces of cloth to create their next coveted beauties. The Quilter’s Guild officers and committee members present as they flowed from one station to another helping. Vice President of the guild Peggy Johnson over looked the ConKerr Cancer station as a young boy scout sat and sewed a pillowcase for ConKerr Cancer.

With a great turnout, wonderful quilts that went toward the public auction, as well as a beautiful Raffle quilt, the Guild was pure success at this years Bi-Annual Quilt Show.