I hope everyone had a meaningful Christmas and you are ready to start putting some travel and tour dates on that new 2009 calendar.

I know I’ve had one date circled for a while… Hubby, Doug returned from his contract on board the Tahitian Princess January 5th. He’s been on since April entertaining in the South Pacific and Alaska and is returning from South America.

 But you will probably see him before I do, as January 5th is the day we departed for our Panama Canal Cruise. What a crazy life!

Think of us when you hear that old adage, “Like two ships passing in the night”, even though it was literally two planes passing in the air! Hopefully we both will be “docked” at the end of this month in Greater Grove for a while.

 Good to Go Gang in Cairo, EgyptI have been very grateful and appreciative of the success of Good to Go with Patti Beth.

We enjoyed 27 tours in 2008 with nearly 900 Good to Go Travelers. WOW! Our year started with a VIP tour to OU, headed South to the Mexican Rivera, stepped back in time in Egypt, and tiptoed through the tulips in Holland.

We tried our luck at casinos, wondered where we were going via “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and PB celebrated her B-day in KSC.

More gambling, New York City dazzled us, Noah came to life in Branson and we tasted Oklahoma wines for GG’s B-day.

Good to Go Gang on the Napa Wine TourWhile the guys fished in Canada, we shopped to our “Heart’s” content in Tulsa, spotted whales in Alaska, visited all five Great Lakes and saw more Lighthouses on the East Coast than we can name. Fall meant Ozark Crafts and great wines in Napa Valley.

Willamae helped you see stars in Branson and others did the Hula in Hawaii. Presidents and pumpkins Do go together in Arkansas and Irish lads Can sing in Oklahoma.

We cruised the Mediterranean and gathered with other women in OKC. We celebrated Christmas in Branson and at Cayuga, both very special times. Whew! What a wonderful, memory filled year!

Good to Go Gang on the Napa Wine TourWe will continue to give you fun, fully escorted tours that you will enjoy.

Remember some of the values of a Group Tour with Good to Go is the experienced escorts, the worry-free atmosphere, the fun folks you share adventures with, the entertainment in getting to the destination.

You cannot put a price on these things. So even when you see another tour offered at a lower rate, compare apples to apples and take into consideration these value-added Good to Go elements that you can’t price out.

Your word of mouth advertising is our best promotion, and I thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do to keep us going with full motor coaches!

With the price of fuel changing like Oklahoma weather you would think that occasionally the travel business would like to give us a break.

 I’m afraid they price high preparing for the worst, and we lock prices in a year in advance.

 We have absorbed fuel surcharges several times not wanting to go back to our clients and ask for more money. Sometimes we can’t, like when airlines start charging for luggage, (good grief).

I thank you for your understanding of our $100 minimum for a credit card transaction.

Those of you that have dealt with the retail side of credit cards know that the credit card companies charge starting at 3% for the privilege to use the card. Rather than up EVERYONE’s price to cover this, I hope you will use it on the larger purchases. Thank you.

I want you to know how delighted I am when we have our Good To Know Meetings and such a great crowd shows up. It’s kind of like a reunion every month.

A New Year gives us the chance to rethink and make changes . 

So get your 2009 calendar out and mark these days so you won’t miss a meeting! The time will adjust by 30 minutes later to hopefully give those that travel more time and reason to get up and attend: Refreshments at 9:00 am and the Program will start at 9:30 am -10:30 am.

    * January     22 Thursday

    *  February   9 Monday

    *  March       9 Monday

    *  April        13 Monday

    *  May         11 Monday

    * June          1 Monday

    * July           13  Monday

    * August      10 Monday

    * September 14 Monday

    * October     14 Wednesday

    * November  2 Monday

    * December  7 Monday

Our Jan. 22nd meeting will be describing several of our one day and shorter tours that are coming your way… Mystery Trips and more! Take a peek at some of the fun:

    * February Mystery Trip         * Legally Blonde: the


    * Affair of the Heart 

    * Willamae’s Nashville

    * and more!


We do have 4 spaces on the Ireland/Scotland tour, but you’ll need to call and let us know right now… last call!

Another very special request, please, please, please do not ask PB, Ginger, Carolyn, much-older-sister Julia to “put my name down when you get back to the office..”

 We cannot remember. Period. And then when we forget and you miss out….oh, my, we feel terrible.

We kindly ask that when you call in, come by or email us that you make your deposit for the trip. Only then is it a REAL reservation, it’s not fair to say a trip is full when there are “names down but no bucks.”

 Ok, thank you for letting me rant a bit about that…one of my New Year’s resolutions is that I would be better on this effort or Ginger may make a resolution for me.

Thank you for reading our emails and for forwarding them to others or printing them out for some. Thank you for your ideas on travel destinations. Thank you to those that are faithful to help setup and serve at the meetings. Thank you for bringing water and treats. Bottom line, Thank you for being Good to Go!

All the best,

Patti Beth Anderson