Kirsten Mustain

The Grove and Grand Lake Humane Society recently rescued a dog that sustained multiple injuries when her owner chained her to his bumper and dragged her down the road.

“It literally blows your mind that someone could do a thing like this,” said Humane Society President Linda Miller.

The dog, dubbed “Onyx” by her new caretakers, sustained multiple injuries. All the skin was scraped from the pads of her paws, and she also lost chunks of skin and fur from her belly and her legs.

Onyx ended up at the Grove and Grand Lake Humane Society after someone witnessed her owner pulling her with his vehicle in Vinita on August 14th.

According to Miller, the man was driving 35 to 40 miles per hour at the time.

When Miller was notified of the incident she offered to pay Onyx’s vet bills and to take her to Grove and find her a new home.

“They let the owner go with a misdemeanor charge,” Miller said.

Onyx is recovering and will be ready for adoption in about two week.

“She will need a very special home,” Miller noted. “She is a really sweet dog.”