Grove, Okla. —  The VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Preparation) site at the Grove Public Library will open on Thursday, Jan. 29.   Everyone coming to the site to have their taxes prepared should bring all the required documents with them.  This is a list of what to bring.   A Social Security card for everyone to be named on the tax return.

  Anyone  without a card or whose card needs to be updated because of marriage or other circumstances, should contact the Social Security Office in Miami and arrange to get a new card.  The telephone number is 918-542-8495.

 A photo ID for the person/persons signing the return.  This is usually the driver’s license.

 Birth dates for all persons named on the return.

All forms W-2 and 1099, for all sources of income during 2008.

  A copy of your property tax statement. This year you may be entitled to a credit even if you do not itemize.

 If you want to itemize your deductions rather than take the standard deduction, you should get all your deductions in order and totaled.

 Anyone with stock and bond transactions must know when the item was purchased and what it cost.  Suggestion:  Ask your broker to print out a statement of gains and losses.

  Any other tax related documents you have received.

  A copy of last year’s tax return if possible.

 For the Oklahoma Sales Tax Refund, the amount of the 2007 Earned Income Credit is required.

 For direct deposit, a check or the savings account number is required.

 Both parties must sign a joint return.