Grove, Okla. – The volunteers at the Grove Public Library VITA site begin training at the library on Monday, Jan. 12 at 8:30 a.m.

 Volunteers are still being accepted for the site according to Rose Stauber, Grove VITA coordinator.   “We are an e-file site and returns are prepared on computers provided by the IRS.  The returns are then transmitted electronically.  All returns are prepared free.”

 The training includes tax law and  use of the computer program.  All volunteers qualify each year by completing the IRS test.

 Volunteers must be computer literate.  They are qualified to prepare simple returns for low income and older persons.  Special emphasis is given during the training on identifying all tax credits the tax payer may be qualified for.  These include the earned income credit, the child tax credit, and other credits.

 Anyone interested in volunteering for VITA or learning more about it should contact Rose Stauber at the Grove Public Library, by email to, or calling 786-3569 after 6 p.m.