Janet Barber

Grove Sun

DELAWARE COUNTY – Safety checkpoints throughout the county have made a startling difference in traffic safety and arrests on outstanding warrants, according to local officials.

Last weekend, in the Grove area, approximately 13 people were cited and/or arrested on safety violations, including driving under the influence, driving under suspension, public intoxication, and possession of drugs. This number also included arresting offenders who were wanted on outstanding arrest warrants.

This past Memorial Day weekend, approximately 18 offenders were ticketed or arrested as a result of a safety checkpoint, again in the Grove area.

A safety checkpoint in Bernice last Saturday night resulted in 12 traffic violations in a two-hour time frame.

“These arrests and citations are something the county has always done. Since receiving the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office grant we received earlier, we have extra manpower for the checkpoints. We can conduct the checkpoints more safely and efficiently,” said Delaware County Sheriff’s Captain Ron Teel.

“The check points and the officers on patrol running random shifts for traffic safety have shown to be making a difference in improving the county’s safety record,” said Delaware County Sheriff Jay Blackfox.

Off-duty and on-duty deputies have been aggressively working on traffic stops and have issued numerous tickets since receiving the $20,000 federal grant money.

“I just want to inform people in the county that we’re not participating in the program to harass anybody, we’re doing this in an effort to keep the roads safe for our residents and tourists traveling through our county,” said Sheriff Blackfox “These off-duty deputies are part of the program and it’s their job during that shift to only write traffic violations.”

We are trying to get voluntary compliance with traffic laws and most times that can be achieved with a written warning, however sometimes the infraction is atrocious enough for public safety that a citation is written to which a court date and fine is given.