Hi Friends,

We’re gearing up to attend the 2009 Tulsa Boat & Sport Show. Dates this year are February 2 - 8. Grand Lake will again have Block 500 filled with various businesses from our area. My reason for writing you today is to ask you several questions, so here goes:

 1) We need volunteers at various times throughout the week. If you are interested in working a shift or two, please give our office a call.

 2) If you are a member of the Grand Lake Association, we want to represent you at the show with your brochures on display. Please make sure we have your most   recent information to pass out. You can either mail us your info or drop it off at our office.

3) We are offering a sign-up at the Tulsa Show to win a weekend trip to Grand Lake. If you would like to donate something to this trip, you will get recognition at the         show and on our website. We will also make the mail list of those who sign up for the drawing available to you should you wish to do a direct mail piece.

 4) The other “new” item we’re going to produce is a coupon sheet that will be handed out at the trade shows we’ll be attending (including Tulsa) and will get mailed out        with every visitor guide request we receive. We will produce the coupon sheets so there will be no cost to you for producing or advertising, only the value of the coupon.      This program is available to GLA members only. If you would like to be a part of the coupon hand-out, again, call our office and we’ll send you more information and    explain our concept to you.

5)  My final question to you requires a yes or no answer: Would you attend a “tourism & marketing conference” if we hold one within our 4-county area this spring?

I hope this note finds everyone well. The GLA is looking forward to promoting our Grand Lake region in a very big way this coming year. Look for TV commercials to start appearing in early spring. We want to drive more visitors to our area and help keep our economy thriving, including your business. Thanks for sharing our mission to “promote, preserve and protect” Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees.

Deborah Wolek, Exec. Dir.