Lee Jeffery

† We had another very windy day around Grand Lake this past Tuesday.† It did warm up to a nice 60 degress around three.† The wind began to move on by four, leaving the lake with a light ripple.† Al and Tom drove in to have a look at the lake; having a bucket of shad left from the day before we were on the pontoon heading to Echo Bay before any of us even had mentioned the idea of going fishing.

†We found the lake to be very muddy having dropped over a foot, and it made us wonder if the fish were still around the same spot we found them on Monday.† Itís been my experience that when the lake is dropping, the fish move along with the water.† We stopped the boat in almost the exact same spot as last time and before I even had my rod in the water Tom had a five pound hit† and in the boat. The water was a little over 7 ft. deep wehre Tom caught his fish so after Tomís catch we all put all of our rods in the water.† Tom and Al had two rods each in the front of the boat casting south; while I had three in the back seat and was sure I had the Ďhot spot.í† Would you believe that Tom caught twice as many fish as Al and I.† One was a one pound bull-head catfish, he thought it was a small flat head, but then again heís not old enough to know what a bull-head catfish looks like.

†The catfishing continues to be very good, thankfully, the lake dropping hasnít slowed it much.† The main problem we have been experiencing is the wind.† The black bass catching has also been good.† Sweany and Chris caught several keepers on Monday, one a 6.2 pounder.

††† The lake remains very muddy in the main part of the lake; however the coves havenít changed much.† The creeks; Horses, Honey and Spring River are showing clearer water and should be in good shape for the white bass fishermen this weekend.

††† More great fishing in the news; Mark Bryant of Fairland, O.k. took his grandpa Ellis Bryant and friend Cody Alleman catfishing during Spring Break.† Mark Caught an 11 1/2 pound blue catfish fishing near Osage Hollow.