Stone Akin, Native American artist, author and lecturer will be in Jana Jae’s Gallery Southwest from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 13, with a collection of his jewelry and art, including exceptional gourd art and hand made jewelry. His work can be seen in several fine art galleries as well as museums through out the country.

Akin is in the process of writing a book “America by Conquest” a poetic discourse of the story of the survival of the Indigenous Spirit. After spending years researching any resemblance of spirituality through the advanced study of theology, psychology and traditional religion, Akin found his way back to the ancestral oneness with creation.

Akin said, “My spiritual values coupled with my previous vocation in the architectural design field are reflective in my art as well as my writings.”

The public is invited to stop in and visit with Stone Akin as he talks about the American Indian culture and spirituality. Every piece of art he creates tells a story or is a reflection upon the ways of a tribal people through designs and symbols.

Jana Jae’s Gallery Southwest is located at 10th and Main, Grove, Okla.