Pastor Dave Talle` and the congregation of Impact Ministries; 107 Broadway, announce their first anniversary celebration. Riley Clark will be our special guest singer this Sunday Morning January 25th during the 11:00 am service. Pastor Dave Talle` will deliver the anniversary message. Sunday night at 6:00 the church will host its first Sunday Night Sing (SNS). Pastor Dave says that this will become a monthly event on the last Sunday night of each month. If you would like to be a part of the sing and share your talent, please call Pastor Dave at 918-787-4253 or at 904-343-8502 and let him know of your interest as there are only a limited number of spaces available. The evening will begin at 6:00 and end at 8:30 with refreshments at the American Legion Hall across from the church. Every one in the community is invited.

January 20, 2008 Pastor David Talle` and his family returned to Grove; after having been gone for five years, to begin a church that they envisioned would become a ministry to not only those who attend their church but to also reach out to the community. It has been, and still is our desire to touch the lives of those who are in need as well as to provide services to individuals, groups, and institutions that will make the Grove, and the Grand Lake area a better place to live. We want to make a difference. Some of the things we do the community knows is a ministry from our church; like the exercise programs we provide to all the nursing homes, residential centers, and assisted living centers. Other things like providing food and clothing we only share with the individuals receiving the help. We do not tell anyone else. Even the members of our congregation do not always know who we provide the services for. We cant provide for all the needs of our community but we can and will do all that we are able to, says Pastor Talle`

Over the last year the congregation has grown from 20 at their first service to an average attendance in the mid to upper 40s. Of course we have our ups and downs in attendance. We have dipped into the teens a few times and have hit as high as 54. We have 46 family groups representing 73 individuals that claim us as their church. Our exercise program reaches out to 70 to 100 participants nearly every Monday and Wednesday. We have made a great impact on the seniors of our community and now we are looking for unique ways to make an impact on the youth. Our calling and our passion is helping people. Helping people to find Christ as their savior and helping people improve their lives. If we focus only on those we can convince to come into the doors of our church then we have no chance of reaching the others that Jesus died for as well. Many, for what ever reason, may never come to our church. Maybe that they are already involved in a good Bible believing church or they dont physically have the capability to go to a church service. Jesus sent us to all the world and we are going to do our part to reach them, Pastor Talle` says.

Impact Ministries of Grand Lake is an interdenominational church. Pastor Talle` has served churches Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Florida and Oklahoma. Mary Talle` is a registered nurse and currently works for the Cherokee Nation Home Health and Outreach agency. We are so happy to be in Grove and to serve our community for the cause of Christ, says Pastor Talle`.