What was planned as a luncheon by the Grove Republican Women’s Club on Monday ended up as a Tea Party.

  GRW members, led by the club’s Vice President and speaker Cecille Bales, discussed a list ofhot topics that are the focus of concern at National Tea Parties held in past months by citizens around the country.

  “Contrary to what has been said, the Tea Parties are not being instigated by our party but are being held by people who are just upset with the situation,” said Bales, who, among other things served as executive director of the Grand Lake Association for several years.

  Bales opened to meeting to discussion from the ladies whose concerns ranged from the Health Care Reform bill to concerns to Stimulus and ACORN along with a general consensus that the appointments of czars are not in America’s best interest.

 Bales had a listed various other topics of interest and urged the members to stay on top of the issues.

“Remember, everything we read, see or hear is not gospel,” said Bales, “we need to make sure we have factual information and not misinformation.”

Members shared resources where factual information about government issue can be found including selected news programs and books.

  The group also shared information from the Delaware County Republican breakfast that was held Saturday and was attended by Brian Treat, Senior Policy Advisor for U.S. Senator Tom Coburn.

  The Republican Women’s Club meets every third Monday at 11: 30 a.m. at the Grove Community Center.