Congratulations to John Jennings, Bentonville who won the Senior 8-Ball Championship Tournament for 2008. Only players who had won trophies in previous 2008 tournaments were eligible for play in this tournament, hosted by the Newton County Senior Center and Jack Stepp of Miami. Mr. Stepp won the championship tournament last† year.

Jennings, after losing one match in the double elimination tournament, persisted to come back through the lower bracket, and win two straight matches with Joe VanDorn, Neosho, who had gone without defeat through the winnerís bracket. Bob Neil, Welch, placed third after losing to Jennings in the final match of the loserís bracket. Fourth place went to Bob DeWitt of Bentonville. The traveling trophy was presented to the new Champion by Stepp and by Gail Williams, widow of Cecil Williams whose name is held in honor by the tournament and the trophy. Jennings was also presented a sports jacket with pool emblem and tournament notation.

The next senior tournament will be held in Bentonville on Thursday, January 15, 2009.