†Iíve been watching the Olympics last few days and one of the best points Iíve taken away so far has been the camaraderie between the various country participants. Thereís no animosity when the guy representing one country wins the gold from the others. Too bad we canít carry this forward, not only here around the lake region but also the bigger pond called ďthe world.Ē

† Now for some current information about events taking place around the our community known as the greater Grand Lake region. One of the county fairs is starting. Visit Miami fairgrounds to participate in the Ottawa County Fair. Fair goers get treated to the best of the countyís growers and sewers. To find out the schedule for judging in the various categories call 918-542-1688.

† On Saturday it doesnít make a difference what side of the lake youíre on, you can take advantage of the Farmers Markets. One is in Langley behind The Artichoke restaurant at the Potting Shed and the other is in Grove on the east lawn of the Community Center. The official hours are 9:00 to 1:00 but the early bird gets the freshest and biggest selection. In Langley call 918-782-9855 and in Grove 918-786-6600 if you have questions.

† Saturday evening itís time for the monthly downtown Grove Cruise. This gathering of auto enthusiasts begins at the Grove Civic Center. Come and show off your classic or your hot rod and join in the fun. Spectators are always welcome. Give a call to Grand Towing at 918-786-2828 to get all the details.

† If your interests tend to be geared more to a smaller scale when it comes to autos, then youíll be interested in this item. The Grand Lake Radio Control Club is sponsoring a FREE remote control car and truck Fun Run at the Grove Community Center from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. This fun run will be going on Thursday, August 14 and then again on September 11. For information give a call to 918-256-5077.

† Itís also time to make your reservation for the annual ďCatch the CrushĒ Harvest Party. This will be taking place at the Summerside Winery on Historic Route 66 on August 23. Plan to attend the party and youíll not only have great food and fun but you can also help promote Oklahomaís second best agricultural cash crop. (Iím not telling what the first one is, but you can guess.) Call the winery to make your reservation at 918-256-3000.

† Donít forget to mark your calendars for the fiddliní thatíll be going on at the Grove Civic Center and Sniderís Camp on August 29, 30 and 31st. Time for the Jana Jae Fiddle Camp. The entertainment is all free and so is the jamminí. Watch for more information on the event or visit the website www.grandlakefestivals.com to learn more. A phone call to 800-526-2523 will also get you additional information.

† Have fun everyone and enjoy the remainder of the summer season on the lake. Visit the official Grand Lake Association website www.grandlakefun.com to learn about all the upcoming events the region has planned for your entertainment and enjoyment. Call us and request a free guide to the entire Grand Lake area at 1-866-LUV-GRAND. Come to play and plan to stay!