The Grove 8-Ball, Senior, Singles Tournament was the final one to qualify players for the 4-State, Senior 9-Ball Tournament to be held Thursday, July 3 at the Grove Senior Center. Jim Peck took first place, with Charlie Higgins coming in 2ND, and Jim DeWitt placing 3rd. Others in the top 8 places were: 4) Will Winder, 5) Bud Johnson (Figure that out, Bud!), 6) Robert Johnson, 7) Bob Neil and 8) Rodney Atkeson.  Other highlights of the tournament including a “Break and Run” by both Jim DeWitt and Charlie Higgins and a “Run” by both Kathy Dahl and Will Winder. There were 29 players that competed from the four state region.

Two players, Will Winder and Rodney Atkeson, from Grove also competed at the Owasso Senior 8-Ball tournament. Rodney won, going undefeated throughout the double elimination, best of 5 game tournament. The Owasso Seniors are likely to rejoin the 4-state senior league.

The next tournament, the 9-Ball Championship Tournament will be hosted by the Grove Senior Center on July 3rd.