Heike and Vaz Minassian moved to Grove from Sand Springs in 2007 and purchased the Cherokee Queen Motel. In the beginning they spent most of their time and money to completely renovate each room in the motel.

Heike says, “Each room has it’s own personality, from new spreads to flowers in every room.”

   2008 was the turning point in their new adventure when the ice storm hit Grove. They were one of the only establishments in the area that didn’t loose their power.

The motel was full but there was no place in town where their guests could eat, so Vaz used the kitchen in their apartment and started cooking for the families that were staying with them in the motel along with feeding PSO workers.

 He got such rave reviews that when things got back to normal; he made the decision to build a restaurant adjoining the motel. And as they say, the rest is history! 

Heike said that 80% of the food is home made including all the desserts and breads. She bakes all the delicious desserts while Vaz bakes all the bread and is the chef in the restaurant.

You’re invited to enjoy a great meal in a great atmosphere and spotless restaurant with a delicious cuisine.

Hilltop Restaurant is located at the top of the hill just over Honey Creek Bridge on Highway 59 South.