Cheryl Franklin

† I am really excited about how many people have come by the Grove Sun to pick up tickets for the United States Air Force Band of Mid America concert.

† The concert is going to be held on Monday night November 9 at the Grove Civic Center.

We are so very honored to be able to bring this concert back to Grove.

They were here several years ago and everyone I have talked to says it was an absolutely fabulous event and what a wonderful way to honor our veterans the week of Veteranís Day.

† They have a great selection of music lined up, many of which most people are familiar with.

† I love patriotic songs and I know the words to a lot of them, even rare ones that some that a lot of people never heard.

When I was in elementary school in Buffalo, NY every Friday afternoon the whole school had an assembly where all we did was learn and sing patriotic songs and songs from musicals and old folk songs.

† My first grade teacher was from Ireland and she taught us many of the old Irish songs.

† Since my siblings and I have some of the same teachers and we all participated in the assembly every week for 6 years. I have never forgotten the words to many of those wonderful old songs and neither have they. Sometimes when we are together we sing some of those songs and we laugh because we actually amaze ourselves that we remember them. I canít remember things I need to remember from yesterday but itís amazing how some things you never forget.

† So now, my children know a lot of those songs as well, and hopefully they will teach their children, and on and on it goes Ė heritage.

† Of course, I also remember all the words to most of the songs from the 60ís and 70ís much to my amazement and to my teenagers who crack up when I start to sing along with one of those songs if they should happen to be played during a movie or a commercial. Itís kinda scary.

† Organizers of a Drug Coalition for Grove were a little disappointed at the turnout for their organizational meeting. They spent a lot of money and effort promoting the event and prepared for 200 people. There were about 25 or 30 at the meeting including the speakers. I was disappointed as well because I know there are more people than that in Grove that are concerned about drug abuse among teens and would like to come up with a ideas on how to end the cycle. The first real meeting will be in a couple of weeks, itís not too late to get involved.

In Real Life Cheryl Franklin is publisher of the Grove Sun.