by State

Representative Doug Cox M.D.

Well it’s back to school time with some kids glad and some kids sad.  Where has the summer gone?  It seems to have flown by quickly this year.  Glad we have had a little cooler weather for the footballers practicing to get ready for that first game. School superintendents are scrambling to make ends meet due to the high cost of bus fuel and utilities.  While we have had record spending for education the last four years the emphasis has been on raising teacher salaries with very little going to school operations.  Thus the crunch for our schools and something we will have to address in the next legislative session.

 Take time to tell your child’s teacher “thanks” for the job they do.  The future of our great state is in their classrooms.  Next to parents, teachers are the greatest influence and role models in our children’s lives.

  Speaking of young people, I had the opportunity to attend 4-H banquets in both Delaware County (Jay) and Mayes County (Salina) this week.  4-H is a great organization that helps our young people develop skills in leadership, public speaking, self-esteem, communication, planning, and making lasting friendships.  4-H members acquire experiences that enable them to become contributing, productive, self-directed members of society.  Encourage your child to join 4-H.

  In speaking with judges, parole officers, and prison wardens from across Oklahoma they tell me that they seldom have to deal with citizens who have a strong background in Scouting, FFA, or 4-H.  Folks, that should tell us something.  Our youth need and benefit from guidance, structure, discipline, being taught good morals, and strong adult role models.

Until next week—Thanks for allowing me to serve as your State Representativ