Winter has really arrived, but compared to last year at this time this is a piece of cake.

 o the followers of this column you will remember that we spoke of the Ketchum School Bond Election that took place last week.  Whether you were in favor or against this issue and voted, you should be concerned that you were part of a very small number of citizens.  After record numbers of voters in November we should have seen a better turn out.  Our elected officials need to hear from each and every registered voter at every election.  This is the only way many of us can help guide our local, state and national representatives.

Speaking of those we have elected, invitations have gone out to our state and federal members of congress and the state legislator to join our Town Hall Meeting.  This will be our first membership luncheon of the year and will be held at Oliver’s Twist on Thursday, January 22nd at 11:30 AM.  Due to the importance of this gathering we will run a little longer and hope to end around 1:30 PM.  Please call the chamber office and make your reservations. 

Just eleven days after our Town Hall meting is the first day of one of NE Oklahoma’s biggest events.  The Tulsa Boat Sport and Travel Show that starts with VIP night on Monday at 6:00 PM, then Tuesday night is Grand Lake Night when we will have a bus take a fun group from Reasor’s parking lot then take you right to the front door of the show, no parking or walking a long way.  We will then go to Arrowhead’s Club area for food and beverage and enjoy all the exhibits at this grand showing of all sorts of water and fun time gear.  We will be taking reservations soon all that went with us last year had great fun on the bus and “left the driving to US”.

The boat show will mark the first full year of my working for those of you who have invested in the Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.  With the leadership of Judy Florida as president and the rest board of the chamber they have made this a great experience for me.  As we look forward to 2009 I can see a new energy that starts with the staff and the new board members and all the investors, new and old.  Even in these concerning times Grand Lake will continue to move forward, we will continue to find ways to help each and every member get more from their investment in the chamber.  As I have said many times, “what makes Grand so wonderful is that, the people that live and work here what to be here”.