A big item in the news lately is the ongoing reactor crisis in†Japan. It is clear that the copy writers , the journalist and the news anchors have little understanding of†nuclear reactors, radiation, or the event. A recent announcement that radioactivity has been found in milk in the U.S. was headlined on some of the networks even though the levels detected would have to be 5000 times as high as what was detected for the†Department of Health†to advise against drinking the milk.

If you are interested in putting the Japanese crisis and radiation exposure in prospective, there will be a presentation at†7PM†on April the 7th†at the Presbyterian church in Grove. Topics to be covered will be a primer on radiation, comparisons of the TMI, Fukushima and Chernobyl reactors and each events control, or lack thereof, of radioactive releases. These will be presented in laymanís terms.

The Speaker will be†Bob Huggins, a local resident who spent 35 years in the nuclear community, first as a†reactor operator†and engineering supervisor in the†U.S. Navy†then on the staff of a†commercial nuclear power plant.