If you missed being out on the Lake this past Sunday, boy did you miss one of the best….

My Diana and I took a day off and took the old Crownline out for a spin.  Our first stop was at Cedar Port to catch a little fresh fuel and see Jerry and his crew.  Next we were off to see our friends’ new house under construction up around the corner from Goat Island.  This place would make a great banquet center and bed and breakfast, Diana is glad she does not have to clean that space.  It will be a grand place to hang out when it is completed.

Then we cruised along to find the cove where our friends Wes and Imogene live and called to invite ourselves for a visit and beverage.  We sat on their deck and caught up with all our children and heard stories of having five teenage girls in their home for the 4th weekend.  Limits are now imposed on numbers at one time.  On our way south to our dock down by the dam we cruised up a quiet Duck Creek and then stopped to enjoy the sunset with our bluff home in site.  Then to our delight our good friend Diva pulled up in her boat that matches ours and shut down engines for another good visit.

I do not usually talk about me in this column, but I had to express the feelings we had about our day and reaffirming why we love being at Grand Lake.

 For those of us that are full timers, we sometimes forget the take the time and enjoy what the Lake has to offer.  So get out there!!

Thanks to all that turned out  for the the ribbon cutting at Oliver’s Twist.  That was our biggest turn out of the year.

 Look for e-mails about up coming networking events like this to exchange business cards and ideas with fellow business owners and managers.


A U.S. District Court Judge postponed enforcement of employer-related protions of an Oklahoma immigration law because it is “substantially likely” that provisions of the law unconstitutionally interfere with federal regulation of the employment of unauthorized workers.  This matter is far from over, so stay tuned.


The federal minimum wage increase, enacted in 2007, mandated the icrease take place in three increments beginning in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  The second increment of this increase goes into effect in one week on July 24th, bringing the wage up to $6.55 per hour.  Be sure and get your new poster that is required to up for employees to read in your business.  


Mistakes that are made….

Using only quantitative research in building your market plans.  This is often done by looking at the numbers and guessing at what to do to influence consumer behavior.  Qualitative research defines and explains consumer behavior and provides the strategic selling points for the creation of customer focused advertising messages.  Any research that does NOT use open ended questions is NOT qualitative research… and while having some value…fails to deliver the components of a compelling sales message and therefore risks share of voice failure.  Qualitative research should always be conducted by a third party…not internal… and interpretations should be prepared by persons outside of your business.  Also it is important to test beyond current customers; non-customers often hold important perceptions about your business.  Keeping the research Blind and objective is a must.