Grove Police Chief Mark Morris said Friday that his department has been receiving complaints about vehicles not stopping when school bus lights are flashing red.

“For the safety of our children, we want to remind drivers of the legal and safety rules involving school buses,” Morris said. “All vehicles, in every lane of traffic, must stop when the red lights on a school bus are flashing during loading and unloading of the children.”

He said the Grove PD treats complaints about vehicles not stopping for school buses while loading and unloading even though the red lights are flashing very seriously.

“Oklahoma State statute requires that all vehicles stop for school buses displaying the red signal lights while loading and unloading children. All lanes of traffic must stop for the buses, even on the new five lane section of U.S 59 on the north side of Grove,” Morris explained

He said officers will continue the strict enforcement of this law by following school buses on their routes and ticketing all violators.

“We ask the public to please pay close attention and use caution in areas where school buses are loading and unloading children,” he concluded.