taken place.  Charity’s mother and Dad, Todd and Grace Zieba set up a memorial fund in their daughters name. The money they recieved in their daughters name has touched the other side of the world.  Todd and Grace attend Grove Christian Center a World Missions outreach church.

 The Pastors of the Grove Christian Center, David and Rhonda Knox have been doing missions work in the country of Nepal for nearly 9 years.

They work with an unreached people group in this third world country. Nepal is known for Mt. Everest and the Himalayan mtns. This is a small country surrounded by India and China. A Nepalese yearly income is less than $200.00 per year.

On December 7th of last year Chsarity Zieba died of a brain aneurism.

Little Charity had just been chosen in her Church to be Mary the mother of Jesus on the Christmas float.  She never got the opportunity to ride in the parade on that float, but today she is with Jesus and His Mother in heaven.

 Charity’s mother Grace was blessed this past October to get to travel to Nepal with her Pastor David and Rhonda.  While Grace was their she traveled into a very remote village. First she traveled by a flat bottom boat over a fast moving river, then by a wooden cart pulled by two water buffalo.  When the cart stopped and she got off, there in front of her was the most beautiful mud and brick church built by her precious Charity.  The land that the church sits on is also bought with love by Charity.

 Grace told her Pastors when she stood inside the brand new building that her little girl will never get the chance to grow up, but this church will grow and grow until it has to be made larger.

 If you would like to help Todd and Grace and this village Pastor and the many other village Pastors in Nepal who need a church built, please make checks payable to Grove Christian Center with a memo “Charity.”  This will be tax deductable.