How do you handle grief during the holidays?  I lost my dad this May and did pretty good on Thanksgiving, but I am worried about how I will be on Christmas Eve and Christmas.




Remember the joy and the wonderful moments that the person you are grieving for bought into your life and it will allow you to feel their energy and strength.

 Understand that they simply made a transition and energy never dies. This will assist you and sustain you thru the holidays.

Reach inside and pull up the happiest, funniest momments that you shared and it will light up your heart and warm you inside.

Alll the best to you and all the rest.


Submitted by: BLESSEDWITH2

Take a moment for yourself- a moment to reflect or grieve or scream- honestly, what ever you need to do, do it!

I take my moments after everyone is in bed, all of the lights are out except for the twinkling Christmas lights on the tree & I sit!!!!! 

I sit and stare at the lights ……I am not sure what it is about the lights, but I can almost see the sparkle of my dads brilliant blue eyes twinkling in them; sometimes I giggle to myself, sometimes the tears flow……..but it is MY moment!

 My moment to miss my dad!  It frees up the rest of my time to “put on the smile” and make sure everyone else is enjoying their holiday.

I lost my dad 2 years ago (October) and “my moments” are what gets me through the holiday season.

Blessed with 2

Submitted by: kitrynmarie You (we) need to be surrounded by friends!

No one wants to have a pity party but it is so nice to know that someone else understands what any of us are going thru…

I think we should get together so we can share stories about those we lost…in the midst of all grief comes joy and that is a gift we have to learn to appreciate.

I will say time after time and it is my motto “There are lessons to be learned with grief” What you choose to do it with what you have learned is up to you…

Kitryn Marie

Submitted by: PamDyson These are all wonderful suggestions about how to cope with grief. It’s also important to remember that each person’s grief is unique and to respect how others grieve.

Grief rituals, many were mentioned in previous posts, can be very helpful.

We never get over a loss but with time we learn to cope with it.

Submitted by: BaileysMommy

I don’t know what to say, but sending you some HUGS.

And I’m here if you need to talk. I mean in real life.