Cookie Program Prepares Girl Scouts for Real Life

 The public anticipates the few months of the year when their cravings for Thin Mints are fulfilled, but to girls in southern and central Missouri, southeast Kansas and northeast Oklahoma, cookies provide an opportunity to travel, go to camp, explore science and math, learn about financial literacy, and participate in a variety of troop activities.

Girl Scouts and cookies share a rich history.  The activity of selling cookies is directly related to the purpose of helping all girls realize their potential to become courageous, confident and caring citizens.  For several months before the cookie program kicks off, girls and troops plan to achieve their pre-determined cookie goals and set out to accomplish both individual and group success. The Cookie Program in its entirety teaches girls financial responsibility, business proficiency and lifetime skills.

 “The Cookie Program allows girls to put into practice all of the program elements and life skills they learn in Girl Scouting,” said Jennifer M. Orban, Chief Executive Officer for Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland. “At some point in each girl’s future, she will have to save money and make decisions about large purchases such as a first car or college expenses. The Cookie Program emphasizes those principles and prepares them for real life.”

In addition to troop activities, girls are encouraged to bank their earnings to participate in troop determined community service projects.  Some examples of service projects include helping local families at holidays, beautification efforts at local parks, visiting and playing games with nursing home individuals, making quilts and blankets for emergency facilities, making school supply kits for low income school children and much more.

Girl Scouts will be knocking on doors January 9-January 25 and you can expect your favorite cookies to be delivered late February.  If you happen to miss that knock on the door, booth sales will begin at local merchants mid February through March 23.