Mitchell Hauser

Grove Sun Student Correspondent

Smart Boards are this generation’s chalkboard, except they do much more than just get written on. They are very useful tools that greatly improve the teacher’s job.

In fact a Smart Board does much more than a chalk board. It can be used to watch movies, graph complex equations, save the things a teacher writes, and even dissect a digital frog.

Anything you can do on a computer, you can do on a Smart Board. A wide variety of opportunities open up when a teacher gets a Smart Board.

They also allow the teacher to prepare and perform lessons electronically, which saves a good amount of time and allows for more learning and study time during class.

Let’s say that a teacher decides to get ahead of the game and prepare their lesson plan for Monday over the weekend. Once finished with the plan, they can e-mail it to their school computer and then present it on Monday.

Long gone are the days when teachers toted milk cartons full of binders, videos, photographs, and textbooks.

Now is the time of instant communication and knowledge.

The Smart Boards that the school uses are made by SMART Technologies.

Grove Public Schools has around 100 of them all together and still need 10 more.

They are funded mostly by the Grove Educational Foundation for Excellence (GEFFE), though some are funded through general school funds.

They cost around $3,000 each, and most of that goes towards the projector.

The first Smart Board arrived four years ago and has been a welcome addition to the learning experience ever since.

Smart Boards have really been useful in the elementary schools where the children interact with learning programs directly. There is now even a device called the Smart Table where the children can do even more educational interactive activities.

“They have taken learning to another level, allowing students to be more involved in the educational process,” said Grove High School Principal Renae Dozier about the usefulness of the boards.

In this ever advancing world it is good that the students of Grove School Systems have the opportunity to interact daily with this wonderfully advanced technology.

Smart Boards will continue to improve the educational environment in the Grove School Systems.