The US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge would like public input in developing its Comprehensive Conservation Plan, the major plan that will provide management direction for the refuge for the next 15 years. 

This is an opportunity to take part in the planning process and express your ideas and comments on how the refuge should be managed. 

Ozark Plateau National Wildlife Refuge consists of nine management units in the Ozark forest of Adair, Delaware, Cherokee, and Ottawa Counties in eastern Oklahoma and totals about 4,200 acres.  It is an exceptional assemblage of important hardwood forests, high quality clear rocky bottom streams, and unique springs and caves. The refuge was established and is managed to assure the continuing existence and aid in recovery of federally-listed endangered and threatened Ozark cave species (Ozark big-eared bat, gray bat, and Ozark cavefish), reduce the need for future listing of other species of concern, protect large stands of Ozark forest essential to forest nesting migratory birds, and provide important environmental educational opportunities identifying the need to protect fish and wildlife and other Ozark natural resources.

Public involvement is essential to this planning process.  Everyone interested in the management of Ozark Plateau NWR will have an opportunity to be involved.  There will be three public open house meetings planned in Tahlequah, Stilwell, and Jay, Okla.

Tuesday, December 8

Delaware County Library

429 South 9th Street

Jay, O kla.

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

For more info, call Steve at 918-382-4507 or 918-775-9073.