The Christie family and friends annual reunion will he held at Wauhillau, Adair County, Okla., on Saturday, November 14, at about 1 p.m. 

The location is off Hwy. 51 at the Wauhillau Road (Indian Rd.) in the Cherokee Nation housing addition. Follow the signs.  This is the allotment land of Mary Christie, daughter of Ned Christie.

The Christie family were part of the forced removal more commonly known as the Trail of Tears in 1838/39.  Most of the Christie’s settled around what would become known at Wauhillau. 

Saturday's event will include a hog fry.  Anyone wishing to bring a dessert or drink is welcome to.  You should bring a lawn chair as well.  The Christie family extends this invitation not only to family, but also to those who have become our friends and as such are considered our extended family.  Today the Christie descendants are scattered across the Cherokee Nation proper, with a family group at Christieville, South of Tahlequah, and many living across the U.S.  The descendants number in the thousands.  We encourage allto attend this gathering.

 This year we will acknowledge Ned Christie, with a special family announcement to honor his patriotism..  We will also bless the Watt Christie cemetery, and share the improvements on the fence and future work to be done there.  The family wishes to thank the Cherokee Nation Cemetery Preservation Fund for two years of grant money which provided the fence.

 For more information visit the family website at or call 918-696-8334 or 918-456-6007 or email