Grove High School is becoming a more advanced high school.

You may have read last week how the high school now has Smart Boards in almost every classroom. The educational tools have been greatly improved and now there are going to be more academic activities.

Grove High School has hosted an Academic Team for about 10 years and this year will add both a Math Club and a Robotics Team.

The Math Club had their first meeting on Thursday August 27. The Co-Presidents are seniors Olivia Anderson and Matthew Gallman. Eighteen high school students attended the kickoff meeting.

High school math teachers Jeane Smith and Sylvie Kane are the co-sponsors, Mrs. Smith has been with the Grove school system for 9 years and teaches math of all kinds; Mrs. Kane joined the Grove system this year and is a welcome addition to the math teaching team.

The math club will be competing in local and regional math competitions such as NEO Math Day, and will participate in several math proficiency tests to see how they rank against the rest of the state, and country. The math club is considering, “The Radical Denominators” for their team name.

Matt Gallman, Co-President of the Math Club said, “I like mathematics because it gives you a logical problem, and if you answer the problem, it gives you an absolution that makes you feel accomplished.”

The Robotics Team, also new to Grove High this year, plans to build and assemble a robot to perform a task to be assigned to them in February.

Their first meeting was on September 1st and, five robot enthusiasts attended, and more couldn’t make it due to prior engagements. The first team meeting was primarily to go over what the Robotics Team will be doing and how they will be doing it.

Sponsors for the robotics team are Jeane Smith, and Sylvie Kane.

The director is Keli Steen, and the programming specialist is Michael Huggins.

Steen ,a Grove alumnus, has taught various science classes for many years, and Huggins teaches several variances of computer classes.

“The Robotics team will be a fun, and educational experience for all of the students that participate,” Steen noted.

The Academic Team has been around for quite awhile.

Grove has never advanced past the first few rounds in competition, however many are hopeful that will change this year.

Mike Sadler is the Academic Team sponsor and teaches American history.

“Hopefully we will advance well into this year’s competition. The seniors on the team this year are some of the best we’ve ever had,” Sadler said.

The team meets every Monday after school to play one round of quiz bowl.

They are awarded points just like in a competition, except the points go to the individual who answered the question, instead of the team.

The six people with the most points at the time of competition will represent Grove at the next competition.

The new technology, resources and opportunities are very beneficial to the learning atmosphere that the Grove faculty builds every day.