Loren Wright playing with resolve, determination and more than a little accuracy won first place in the best of three game, double elimination tournament, held at the Grove Senior Center. After losing to Bobby Teetzel in the top bracket, he worked his way up the lower bracket, defeating Marion Robertson to capture the top spot. He then challenged Bobby Teetzel again, as he had proceeded through the top bracket undefeated. Wright won two consecutive and very close matches to capture first place. Both championship matches played out to the fifth game.

One reason for the tight matches throughout the tournament, was that Jim Barrett had donated an ornamental belt buckle, valued at $200 to be awarded to the top Grove player. Wright was determined to win that belt buckle. The top three players won trophies. Bobby Teetzel took second place with Marion Robertson placing third. Will Winder placed fourth after defeating Jim Storer who placed 5th.

After winning, Wright said that he had a premonition the night before that he might win. When he arrived home, his wife announced that they were going to help a single parent family with four small children. They purchased two bicycles and delivered them to the family as a Christmas gift. Good deeds are their own reward but this one turned into a multiple award! Teetzel responded that if he had known a good deed would have ensured victory he would have done the same! Loren, who hadnít bought a bike for some time, thought they would cost around $40! He received a mild shock as inflation had taken effect over 50 years.