As we begin a new school year, we reflect back on the 2008-2009 school year. It has been brought to our attention that some items of recognition were inadvertently left off our Class of 2009 graduation program. We apologize for this error and respectfully submit these items of recognition:

• The following students were Class of 2009 graduates; however their names were left off the graduation program: Amanda Adam, Nicole Blevins, Kenton Jackson, Cheyenne Stonehocker, Bridget Welch, and Melissa Wilbanks.

• The following students should have been denoted as Oklahoma Academic Scholars, but were not: Jesse Anderson, Joseph Craven, Heather Lungren, Katie Nix, Shannon Moser, Stacia Sarwinski, Darci Shofler, Corey Swartz and Kyle Tidwell.

We are very proud of these students’ accomplishments and regret this oversight.


Grove High School Class of 2009 Sponsors and Administration