Hello!  We are Tasha and Lucas.  We are about 4 1/2 month old,  are litter mates, and we look and act very much alike.   We are two purr-r-r-r machines looking for a good home to “Double the Love”.  We both have very sweet dispositions and love to be held.  Won’t you adopt both of us?

The Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake is offering a “Double the Love” promotion during the month of December.  The “Double the Love” offer is good for anyone who adopts two cats or two kittens together for one adoption fee.

Two cats, especially from the same litter or who already live together, can be company for each other.  Research has shown that cats that have a companion are better socially adjusted and stay healthier.  Cats do not require as much living space as dogs and are capable of being trained.  Two cats provide a source of unconditional love, loyalty, and entertainment for the entire family.  The “Double the Love” adoptions are purr-fect for the cats and for their new family.

If interested in adoption from the Humane Society, please contact the shelter during office hours at 918-786-7630.  Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 12-6; Wednesday and Friday 12-5; Saturday 10-4; closed Sunday and Monday.  Other animals available for adoption may be viewed on the internet at www.humanesocietyofgrove.com.