Thursday, December 2nd, the GEFFE board made a major contribution to the infrastructure of the information technology of the Grove Public School System by voting to approve the funding to update of all of the computers in the Grove Public Schools to Window 7 and Office 10.   This is a $11,145 grant and will allow the teachers and administration to exchange information and teach with the most up to date operating systems as education continues to be increasingly integrated in web based teaching systems and communications.  With over 1,000 computers this reflects a cost of approximately $10 per computer.   With some of the computers using out dated operating systems going back to the 1990's, there was a major problem integrating the entire school system.  Teachers could not easily communicate, and students would sometimes not be able to work on the same project in two classes.

 The second area of contribution, $5,000, was to the mid high.  With the high school now having all of the areas at the school being "hot spots" the focus moves down to the mid high which is still working off of one Wi-Fi modem.  The $5,000 was contributed to begin the changes needed to allow the mid high to totally integrate with the internet..   School superintendent, Mrs. Sandy Harper presented six different projects which needed funding, with the GEFFE Board selecting these two.  Mrs. Harper noted that technology continues to be a major factor in education and that it was amazing to find even the preschoolers becoming more computer knowledgeable all of the time.  By the time students reach the third grade, they will even have to be somewhat computer literate to pass the state testing.  It is a rapidly changing world that modernity has brought us.