Bereavement classes will be conducted each Tuesday in November at 4:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Grove. Classes are open to anyone who has suffered a major loss through death, divorce, loss of a job, or their home, or facing a terminal illness themselves.

Those who are completing or have completed in the past, similar classes with Rev. Gary Bishop are encouraged to attend, because it has been our experience in the past that grieving takes a long time and many have benefited from another opportunity to share with others who are grieving.

Dr. Betty Ipock will serve as facilitator for these classes. She has had many years of experience in counseling. She especially feels lead to present these classes in November in order to prepare those who are grieving for the Holidays. Adjusting to life without the lost loved one is difficult at any time and especially painful during the Holidays.

There is no charge for these classes, however we ask that you call 786-9092 for reservations so we can be sure to have enough materials on hand.