January 2009 and what a week it has been.

You couldnít ask for a better start to a new year than what we have had. Oh, I guess you could ask, but that might be getting a little greedy.

The fishing, well it has been just about as nice as the weather.

We started out looking for catfish but after looking for some shad in Echo Bay, Terra Miranda and then over in the mouth of Horse Creek we finally gave up and decided to head to a couple of places to check out thecrappie.

The first spot we stopped at, we picked up a keeper and a couple of shorts and then we had a black bass.

I guess the old story about if there are black bass around, then the crappie arenít going to be there because we fished for another 20 minutes and never picked up another crappie.

Moving to the next spot down in Duck Creek proved to be a good move though.

We had heard that there had been a number of short crappie being caught down in Duck Creek and so we decided to dunk our jigs in a couple of the boat slips on that end of the lake.

We wound up catching a number of fish and had 12 keepers when we left a little after noon.

We were feeling pretty good and thinking that we were going to get back to the house in time for the start of the next bowl game.

When we got back to the van, we found that we had a flat tire.

Oh well, if that is as bad as our 2009 gets and if the fishing stays as good as it was today, then I think we will put up with a few flats.

The lake level is slowly heading back down to the 742 mark and the water color is just perfect for fishing.

Cat fishing canít get much better.

Jerry Kroff is having a great run of winter catfishing, catching limits most every trip several in the 30 pound class.