On Tuesday September 22, our entire school system will be participating in the 2nd Annual Ridgerunner Walk-A-Thon. We wish to extend an invitation to family and friends to join us in helping raise funds for fun and educational activities here at Grove schools. Each participant will raise funds by asking family and friends to sponsor them with a flat donation.

Please sponsor when asked by your child, grandchild, or neighbor. You may also donate directly at all local banks and many businesses. Look for the Ridgerunner donation jars. We understand that our economic times are difficult, but we know that our community will have a guaranteed return on an investment in our children and schools.

All of the funds raised will be distributed by Grove PTO directly back to the school to provide essential classroom supplies and assist with school wide needs. Furthermore, unlike traditional fundraisers, our schools net 100% of the money raised by this campaign, so all of the money goes right back to the children.

Thank you for your continued support of our great schools,

The Grove PTO